Lose Weight and Win Cash!

How the challenge works:
1.  Challenge dates are specified in the registration form, and typically run 5 weeks.
2.  $20 covers the monthly fee. With that you receive:
   - Quench promotions only available to Challengers
   - Entry into weekly drawing with valid weigh in
   - Entry into Top 3 Cash Payout at end of month based on percentage of weight lost
   - Access to healthy lifestyle support tips in our Online Facebook community
3. Weigh in every Wednesday (Tuesday & Thursday are make-up days).  See Note for "How to Weigh In"
4. Top Losers and Weekly Drawing Winners posted Fridays (Weight is not shared)
5.  Personal coaching and Herbalife products are available through your Herbalife coach. If you do not have an Herbalife coach but would like one, we can connect you with someone.


***How to Weigh In***
Weigh yourself at Quench every Wednesday (Tues/Thurs are make-up days).  Take a picture of the scale for validation and fill out a Weigh In slip which will be near the scale.  Give the weigh in slip to a Quench staff member and show the picture for validation.

The Weight Loss Challenge will return in fall.
Fill out the form below to be notified when start date is announced: